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Aerial Systems

From the development and production of guided missiles to research, development, testing and support of rocket propulsion, warheads and pyrotechnical devices, IMI is a world leading aerospace systems provider, specializing in weaponry and self -protection systems. IMI offers a wide range of operationally proven systems - from the Delilah – loitering guided missile, deployed by the Israel Air Force, to ITALD (Improved Tactical Air-Launched Decoys) used extensively by the U.S. Navy. IMI provides modern air forces with unique operational capabilities.


Our aerial munitions are deployed worldwide, providing standard ordnance and guided weapons' warheads operated by both Western and Eastern type combat aircraft. Air Forces around the world are placing their trust in IMI's expendable chaff, flare decoys and other countermeasures, dispensing systems effectively protecting aircraft and helicopters against missile attacks.

DELILAH an advanced, combat proven electro-optically guided, stand-off powered weapon system. Comprising different models, DELILAH family of weapons is designed to provide unique precision strike capabilities against high value targets, effectively engaging re-locatable and time critical targets.

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MPR 500 - MPR-500 is a multi-purpose weapon, designed to meet the characteristics of Mk-82 type weapons. Optimized for operation against challenging targets, including hardened, or semi hardened structures, the enhanced performance offered by IMI's...
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AIRMOR - A self Defense Modular Suite for Helicopters & Transport A/C.

ROCKET PROPULSION for Rocket Systems and Space Applications.

ADVANCED FLARES - Advanced IR Spectral Flares & Chaff against MANPADS & Radar.

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