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HLS Solutions


IMI Systems HLS Directorate offers integrated and complete solutions. 

As a turnkey solution provider, the HLS Directorate provides everything fromthe know-how, doctrine, methodology and training,to equipment, and continuance support, to governments, security agencies and corporations worldwide.


Integrated, Multilayer Solutions:
• Comprehensive: Multilayered and Multidisciplinary
• Efficient: Modular, affordable, rapidly implemented
• Methodical: Modifying and applying proven doctrines
• Integrative: Supply and integration of state of the art equipment
• Professional: Training and qualifications, enhancing human-factor skills


• Air & Maritime
• Critical Infrastructure
• Energy Installations and Pipelines
• Mega Events
• Border & Border-Crossings
• Cyber & IT Security


Public Security:

• Counter-Terrorism
• Safe & Smart Cities
• Correctional Institutes
• Public Order
• Forensic


Civil Defense:

• Natural Disasters Preparedness & Management
• First Responders
• Shelters & Protection
• Demilitarization & Neutralization









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