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Aerial Target

 ATALD  Air-Launched Stand-Off Decoy and Aerial Target; 
                  configurable with different payloads and can carry

                  out diverse missions and simulate advanced RF,

                  IR and Sea-Skimming targets


DELILAH Advanced, combat proven electro-optically guided, stand-off powered weapon system.

MPR 500 - MPR-500 is a multi-purpose weapon, with identical form & fit of Mk-82 bomb. Optimized for operation against challenging targets, including reinforced concrete structures, the enhanced performance offered by IMI's ...
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AIRMOR - A self Defense Modular Suite for Helicopters & Transport A/C.

ROCKET PROPULSION for Rocket Systems and Space Applications.

SPECTRAL IR FLARES - Advanced IR Spectral Flares & Chaff against MANPADS & Radar.

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