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Armies all over the world have come to rely on IMI’s innovative, high-performance solutions and unique scope of integrated capabilities, ranging from threat assessment and basic R&D, through full-scale development and production, to system deployment and after-sales support.

IMI’s world class, combat-proven weapon systems are derived from the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) operational requirements. IMI products have been qualified with the IDF, USA (Army, Air Force and Navy) and other NATO nations, and meet  a host of  additional relevant client-defined needs and standards.

As a prime contractor for weapons upgrade programs in many countries, IMI leads and teams up in large-scale weapons modernization programs. IMI has extensive experience in diverse projects including upgrading of tanks and APCs, up-armoring of light vehicles, production and modernization of artillery rockets systems, introduction of new infantry weapons systems, and combat engineering systems.

IMI is also a prime supplier of heavy and small arms ammunition to the IDF and many of the world’s leading armed forces. IMI supplies a wide range of top quality ammunition for tanks and artillery, combat aircraft and helicopters, as well as most types of infantry weapons and small arms ammunition.



Tank Ammunition - 100, 105, 120, 125 mm Tank Cartridges. 


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Artillery Ammunition - Canon launched 105, 122, 130, 152, 155mm artilley projectiles.

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Small Caliber Ammunition - 5.56mm, 7.62mm ,9mm, 0.5" Family of cartridges.


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LYNX - Autonomous & modular launching system capable of firing various
artillery rockets & tactical missiles, including GRAD, LAR, EXTRA and
DELILAH-GL precision attack weapon...
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DELILAH GL - Ground launched, stand-off, long range, multi-purpose missile system...

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