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ATALD-Advanced Tactical Air Launched Decoy & Aerial Target


ATALD - Air-Launched Stand-Off Decoy and Aerial Target; configurable with different payloads, can carry out diverse missions and simulate advanced RF, IR and Sea-Skimming targets.

A derivative of IMI's combat-proven aerial decoys, ATALD introduces a new and unique combination of an advanced target and decoy, offering unprecedented level of target simulation realism, reproducing complex scenarios for combat air and air- defense training.

Based on IMI's vast experience in aerial decoys, ASD's ATALD decoys can be programmed to represent realistic target behavior including:   

Multiple False Targets

Different individual target RCS and velocity

Programmable Individual Apparent Target Flight Behavior

In its Aerial Target scope, ATALD provides:  
Modular Vehicle design with multiple payload options (RF and/or IR)
Sea-Skimming Target performance, for Realistic Threat Simulation

The ATALD offers operators unique operational benefits including:

Standoff range

Multiple way-point pre-programmed trajectory

Multiple units carried on standard bomb racks

Wooden Round logistics






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