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IMI's Red Sky-2 Very Short Range Air Defense (VSHORA) system provides a unique and cost effective operational response against low altitude flying aircraft intruders. The system is man portable (backpacked by X soldiers), and is effective also against low flying surface skimming targets.

Red Sky-2, a state-of- the- art air defense system, integrates the MANPAD missiles already in service with the customer, into a compact, powerful and effective air defense system featuring early warning and threat detection, optimized utilization of the missiles through the full envelope of the weapon, to maximize the systems' lethality and effectiveness.

The modular system incorporates a Search-and-Track unit operating as a stand-alone element, and fully mechanized computer-controlled Track, Lock-On and-Launch system carrying multiple VSHORAD missile tubes. The system's elements are integrated through the computerized Command Control & Communication unit which also extends communications with higher air-defense echelons.


The Red Sky-2 system provides an autonomous, passive day and night continuous scanner, detecting targets at ranges of up to 15 Km, enabling full utilization of MANPADS' kill-range capabilities. Furthermore, the compact structure and passive scanning dramatically improve the weapon's survivability in the battlefield environment.  




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