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120mm APAM-MP-T, M329 Cartridge


APAM (Anti-Personnel/Anti-Materiel) Multi-Purpose Cartridge,
   for 120 mm smooth-bore tank guns
Compatible with all NATO 120 mm smooth-bore guns
  (STANAG 4385, 4493 etc.) 
In-Bore Programmable electronic fuze system (Fuze setting when 
   ammunition loaded into the gun)
No modification required to the breech/gun 
Provides direct fire ammunition with multifunction capabilities
 Strikes prone and concealed troops from above and destroys hovering
   helicopters with the first round at a high probability
Utilized as a unitary warhead in the wall breaching, bunker busting
  and anti-LAV impact mode
Maximizes combat capability while reducing logistic load
Provides long "stand off” for the modern battlefield
• High reliability and safety oriented concept


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