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120mm TPCSDS-T, M324 Cartridge


The 120mm TPCSDS-T, M324 cartridge is used in training
   to simulate operational KE firing. The M324 is in service 
   with the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) and various
   European armies

•  Approved for use and firing with – Leopard 2, Ariete,
   Merkava III & IV and other MBTs

The M324 has the same external ballistics characteristics and
  accuracy of the operational cartridge, thus provides very realistic
  training scenarios

The training cartrdige is currently available in several different
  versions, with varying practice and safety ranges:
- M324/3      - P.R. - 3km , S.R. - 14km
   - M324/4&5  - P.R. - 2km , S.R. - 7.5km
   - M324/6      - P.R. - 1.5km , S.R. - 5km
   P.R. - Practice Range
   S.R. - Safety Range

• NSN: 1315-27-038-7318




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