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120mm TP-T, M326 Cartridge


The M326 - 120mm Target Practice – Tracer (TP-T) cartridge
   is used in training to simulate operational HEAT firing
The cartridge can be used with any NATO 120mm smooth-bore
   tank gun or equivalent
M326 has identical physical properties and ballistic performance 
  (internal and external) to the M325, thus no fire control
  adjustments are needed

Effective range of up to 4 km with very good accuracy
 Flash is produced by spike to indicate impact with target
Safe and clear identification that the cartridge is inert (in order
  to avoid any confusion of the users concerning Duds)
 M326 employs the most advanced technology developed by IMI
  for increased training range and effectiveness
NSN: 1315-15-170-8338




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