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ProBus - Protecting Public Transportation


Mass transit systems and public transportation, such as busses and subways provide lucrative targets for terrorists. Repeated deadly attacks in Asia, the Middle East and Europe provide painful testament to the vulnerability of busses and trains to terror attacks by suicide bombers, especially where suicide bombers succeed to explode themselves inside the vehicle.

IMI has developed and tested a system designed to prevent the suicide bomber of boarding the protected buses. The system was designed to streamline with normal bus routine schedule and rate of passengers boarding. As part of a successful technical evaluation program IMI has assembled and tested the system in Israel, under normal operating conditions for several weeks.

The system comprises explosive sensors coupled with smart, remote controlled turnstile barrier, automatically activated upon sensing explosives, or by the driver, preventing a suicide bomber from boarding the vehicle. To further protect the passengers, the rear access door is converted into exit only opening. External and internal ballistic shields are employed, to withstand the effects of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), weighing up to several kilograms. These shields are minimizing the risk to driver and passengers in case of self activation of suicide bomber near the bus entrance.





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