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Personal Protection

IMI offers a wide range of body armor solutions providing protection for military, law enforcement and security personnel. IMI's concealed body armor products are designed for business people and VIP. A buoyant version optimized for maritime use enhances personal protection of marines, sailors and coast guards at sea. Made of composite materials these products are lightweight, durable and sustain multi hits.

IMI's Body armor comes in a variety of types and weights according to ballistic threat and wearer needs. Standard products are designed to comply with NIJ standards ranging from Level II (small handguns rounds) to level IV (high velocity, armor piercing bullets), whereas unique solutions meet special requirements made by IDF and other demanding customers.

Body armor vests vary by size, and are offered with optional groin, shoulders and neck protection. Hard plates vary by size and geometry from standard plates to full torso coverage required by special forces.

ASA44 Series
ASA03 Series
ASA100 and ASA99
ASA212 and ASA98




L-VAS - Light Vehicle Armor System - Part of IMI's family of advanced, mission tailored vehicle protection solutions, L-VAS is designed to protect armored personnel carriers and light armored vehicles against multiple hits of high level threats, such as RPG-7, 14.5mm AP, artillery shell fragments and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)...

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BREAKWATER - Breakwater is a hybrid armor compound comprising a combination of composites materials, metals and reactive cassettes, optimized to effectively protect medium and heavy armored vehicles against threats from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)...

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IRON FIST - Soft & Hard Kill Active Protection System against RPG, ATGM, HEAT & KE Rounds.

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