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IMI's Test Center is the largest and most advanced test site in Israel. IMI's Munitions and Weapons Test Center performs comprehensive evaluations and testing of various kinds of explosives, propellants and gun-fired ammunition ordnance, ranging from small-caliber to 8 inch projectiles, mortars, rockets, missiles and aircraft armament warheads, land based ammunition, grenades, mines, and pyrotechnic devices.


Testing within the Test Center is carried out in labs and on the open firing range. Live firing ranges are operated at the IMI Proving Ground, offering live testing of artillery and tank ammunition, at ranges reaching up to 40 km.

The highly experienced professionals working at the test center are constantly focusing on creating the most diverse and rigorous test capabilities, guaranteeing our systems and ammunitions meet the test requirements of advanced military technologies.


Most frequent tests performed at the IMI Test Center:

• Climatic and dynamic environmental testing
• Proving Ground
• High speed camera
• Pressure and velocity measurements


The environmental testing lab is equipped to conduct dynamic and climatic tests for items containing up to 300 kg of explosives (TNT equivalent), as well as automotive and full-scale live structural and modal testing.


The test ranges are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, including projectile tracking radars, high-speed and X-ray photography, high pressure and temperature measurement equipment, atmospheric weather instrumentation and other unique devices, performing an extensive array of tests, all according to our customers' requests.


Conforming to the quality standards defined by potential customers, IMI's ballistics laboratory is fully-geared to conduct thorough propellant and pyrotechnics evaluation and examine the dynamics of energetic and explosive materials through controlled disposal of ammunition and hazardous (class 1) explosive materials and evaluating the controlling explosion effects through specially constructed fragmentation arenas.
IMI's munition Test Center activities are conducted in accordance with TOP, ITOP, STANAG, IDF and IMI test procedure standards. IMI is certified to perform final production tests for the Israel MoD, Israel Defense Forces, the U.S Army, Air Force and Navy, the Israel Ministry of Transportation, as well as many overseas military and civilian organizations. The company is also certified to ISO 9002, 14,000 and 18,000 standards.



Main Objectives of the IMI Test Center 

 Type of Weapons and Ammunition 
Type of Activities
Internal Ballistics
 External Ballistics
 Terminal Ballistics 
 Additional Technological Capabilities 
 Environmental Tests 

 Special Tests 





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