Main  Business Areas  Services  Step I - Analysis, Step II - Planning, Step III - Implementation


Step I - Analysis
Analyze the customer's needs in order to build a suitable

The analysis will refer to: 
Renovation/overhaul needs
Technological gaps
Renovation process
Constructions and infrastructures
Manufacturing engineering
Computerization and automation 


Step II - Planning


After the analysis process, a plan will be prepared focus
on the following outputs:
Establishment of modern workshops
Definition of new processes
Shortening of the renovation process
Reduction processes and activities
Improving the reliability of the vehicles
Improving the renovation ability
Quality and inspection improvement
 Quality of the environment (the separation of oils
   and fuels, reducing noise, etc.)


Step III - Implementation

Under this stage IMI can perform as follows:
Workshops definition (Layout, Material flow, Departments
   planning, Workstations planning)
Processes definition
Definition and supply of Standard Equipment items needed
   for the Workshop and the Departments
Construction (Building) of the Workshop (including
Training and support



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