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Central Laboratory


The Central Laboratory is the Research, Development and Engineering authority of the Munitions Systems Division at IMI. The Central laboratory is in charge of all the RD&E activities related to munitions systems within the Division as well as providing development activities for other divisions at IMI (in particular warhead development). Also, a variety of RD&E activities are contracted by the IDF, IMOD and other defense industries in Israel.

The activities are performed by a well trained and experienced staff, comprising of mechanical, aeronautics, electronics and chemical engineers as well as scientists from a variety of related disciplines such as mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, statisticians, etc.


All our activities are supported by the Division experts from the Metal and Chemical Plants, as well as the Munitions and Weapons Test Center, with capabilities of testing all munitions types during the R&D phase (internal, external and terminal ballistics tests, environmental tests, etc.).


The main RD&E activities are related to the development of:


Tank Ammo – KE, HEAT and multi-purpose rounds


 Artillery Ammo – unitary/cargo warhead projectiles with advanced
   submunitions (less than 1% UXO)


Infantry Systems and Ammunition – mortar bombs, rifle grenades -
   including air bursting munition


Smart Ammo- smart mortar bombs, tank and artillery rounds


Air to ground ammo and warheads – shaped charges, fragmentation,
 incendiary, urban, deep penetrators


Sensor based systems – small, smart mines and UGS


Energetic materials – explosives (including IM and thermobar), propellants,

   pyrotechnics, smokes, advanced computations an analysis tools


Electronic fuses – for various warheads and ammunition



Operations Research and Algorithms – military Operations Research and

   systems analysis


Ballistic Computations and Numerical Simulations – Internal, external and
   terminal ballistics, penetration models, algorithm development


Home Land Security – buildings protection




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