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APFSDS-T M711/8 (MK2) Cartridge



125mm APFSDS-T, M711/8 (MK2) Cartridge


The MK2 is a 125mm second-generation, high-velocity
  Flat-Trajectory Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding
  Sabot Tracered (APFSDS-T) tank cartridge
The cartridge consists of two parts: the projectile unit and the
   fixed propellant charge. The projectile unit comprises a projectile
  (four-segments type sabot and sub-projectile), which is fitted into
  a combustible case, containing propellant charge
The cartridge is approved for firing with T-72/80/90 MBTs
IMI has incorporated the most advanced technologies available in
  this cartridge to obtain excellent accuracy at long ranges, low
  barrel wear and among the best penetration capabilities



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