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Ammunition Reutilization,

Demiling & Disposal Technologies 


• IMI offers advanced environmentally-friendly solutions for the
  complete life cycle of obsolete munitions and explosives
The solutions include reuse, recycling and disposal of
  High-Explosives (HE), propellants, pyrotechnical products,
  metal parts and other materials 
Activities include:
  - Conversion of operational ammunition for training
  - Disassembly and reuse of components & raw materials
    (“like new” status)
  - Obsolete or unservicable munitions disposal by
     detonation / burning
IMI’s safe and highly reliable demiling facilities have
  a proven zero-casualties track record


IMI’s demiling technologies include a Mobile Demiling
  & Recycling Plant (MDRP), which can be set up at fixed
  locations, in accordance with the costumer's needs
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