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Code of Business Conduct:




The purpose of IMI's Code of Business Conduct is to clarify to each of the company's  employees the commitment that we all have, as IMI employees and as Israeli citizens, to ethical conduct. The Code of Business Conduct, being a framework for IMI’s policy regarding ethical business conduct, is reflected in IMI’s corporate regulations, its disciplinary code and its collective labor agreements, and forms our "identity card” with regard to the expected personal, business, and social norms of conduct.

I expect all IMI employees to be familiar with the Code, and to freely seek clarifications to it if required. I strongly believe that implementing the Code’s norms of conduct will improve our working environment and contribute to the business success of IMI. Therefore, I turn to each of you personally, to adhere to the norms contained in the Code, in any circumstances, and to preserve our company's good name and reputation.




Avi Felder

 President & CEO



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